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Anti-bacterial Hand and Body Lotion

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This specially balanced formula protects and soothes the skin and destroys harmful bacteria. Its enriched with tea tree oil, lavender oil and vitamin E. This non greasy lotion is essential for use immediately after a waxing treatment, as it will moisturise and repair the skin. An absolute necessity for the prevention of unsightly ingrown hairs!

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BODYSCOPE Tea Tree Oil range of products are based on the purest and most effective type of Tea Tree Oil, the Terpinen-4-ol, which is the only one included in the Australian Standard AS2782 as germicidal oil. Tea Tree Oil is a natural product that works!  It has broad spectrum anti-microbial properties, antiseptic and anti-fungal. It is non-irritating. It has low incidence of skin sensitivity. It is pleasant and non-staining. The ultimate green ingredient.

These products are suitable for the whole family in maintaining a hygienic and healthy skin!

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4 reviews for Anti-bacterial Hand and Body Lotion

  1. Candice James

    This moisturiser is like a hamburger with the lot. Not only is it hydrating , it’s soothing , ( lavender) it’s healing ( vit E) and it’s anti-bacterial ( tea tree). Not only do I use this for moisturising but iv used it on my face when iv had a break out . On my sun burn to sooth my skin and on my scaring to heal my wounds.

  2. Anna G

    This product has been a game changer. My husband works in construction and together with the heavy use of hand santisers on site, it has left him with very dry and cracked hands.
    Tried may moisturisers to no avail. So happy I have found this product. The hydrating and soothing properties combined with the antibacterial (tea tree) of this hand lotion has done wonders.

  3. Maria

    Great go to lotion to sooth the skin, especially for rashes. Also, used as an underarm deodorant as the tea tree kills bacteria.

  4. Evelyn C

    Great calming lotion with so many uses, I love a quality product that is so versatile. The perfect fix for a breakout or after waxing. 5 STARS ⭐️

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