For the time being, SILK will not be providing beauty services. However, we have an exciting new online store so you can purchase our exclusive BodyScope range .


About Us

Welcome to SILK!

25 years ago Silk Brazilian Waxing (formerly known as Vanity Beauty Therapy) introduced Brazilian Waxing to Melbourne.

Our commitment to our clients enabled us to Master the Art of Brazilian Waxing, and this is why we understand the unique ability that our Bodyscope Tea Tree Range has in providing professional home care for you & your family as well as superior after waxing care.

Although SILK is not offering beauty services at present, we have created this online store as we know Bodyscope is an exclusive range that many of our dear clients use and love!

For that glorious glow!

BodyScope FAQ's

There is nothing more sensual on the female form than silky soft skin, and a smooth flawless complexion!  At SILK, we care about the clarity and health of your skin.  This may be achieved via a home care regime using our BodyScope products.

What can I use BodyScope Pure Antibacterial Oil for?

💡excellent pimple spotter! (use a cotton ear bud and spot directly)

💡great for nail infections

💡 spot treatment for ingrown hairs

💡athletes foot

💡cuts and cold sores

💡insect bites and stings.

What can I use BodyScope Skin Wash for?

💡 non drying for repetitive hand washing

💡 excellent body wash – eliminates bacterial build up

💡anti -bacterial properties make it suitable for acne prone skin and back acne

💡cooling and soothing gel, ideal for use on intimate areas.

What can I use Bodyscope Hand and Body Lotion for?

💡Essential for use post waxing to protect and soothe the skin

💡Enriched with Vit E, this lotion is an excellent moisturiser & antibacterial properties make it ideal for face/back acne

💡Calming nature of lavender makes this lotion ideal for rashes and abrasions

💡Soothing for after shaving and sunburn.

What can I use Bodyscope Skin Scrub For?

💡Unique granules gently de-flake and remove dead skin cells

💡Perfect partner for your loofah gloves 🧤

💡Excellent exfoliant for areas prone to ingrown hairs

💡Great skin polish for pre- tan preparation.

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