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Tea Tree Oil



100% pure Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil. This is the best ingrown hair spotter! Super healing for lumpy, inflamed and infected ingrown hairs and pimples. Please use a cotton ear bud and spot directly on the lesion.

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BODYSCOPE Tea Tree Oil range of products are based on the purest and most effective type of Tea Tree Oil, the Terpinen-4-ol, which is the only one included in the Australian Standard AS2782 as germicidal oil. Tea Tree Oil is a natural product that works!ย  It has broad spectrum anti-microbial properties, antiseptic and anti-fungal. It is non-irritating. It has low incidence of skin sensitivity. It is pleasant and non-staining. The ultimate green ingredient.

These products are suitable for the whole family in maintaining a hygienic and healthy skin!

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